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For NBFCs / MFIs / Banks

Working with Kosh allows NBFCs/ MFIs to decrease their risk significantly. Our

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    Better Unit Economics

    Group leads to Higher Ticket size of Loan. Hence, cost of operations / Collections feasible.

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    Leveraging the Social Collateral

    Select from over 290 interface blocks, customise the look to build your perfect page.

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    No Operations

    Kosh will manage operations starting from loan origination to collection.


Chat platform for Ecommerce

We encourage businesses to leverage Kosh's 2,00,000+. You can interact, sell, educate customers through automated workflows and plugin-APIs.

For Employers / Gig Based Companies

Partner with Kosh for your employee's funding requirements.

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    Finance your Gig Partners' business Kits

    We have partnered with companies providing Thelas, grooming kits to their gig workers. Get attractive interest rates on similar partnerships.

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    Electric 2 Wheelers

    Get attractive offers and financing options on EV vehicles for your delivery partners

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    Help your employees get loans

    Early Wages, short term loans can be provided for better employee retention

Partnership Financing

Kosh enables you to finance your vendors'/employees lending requirements. Some notable examples include salon kits for first time Beauticians, Tailoring equipment for self-employed women, kitchen appliances etc.

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